Engineer creates a device capable of producing drinking water in the desert

Text “A 75 year-old engineer has managed to create a machine capable of producing drinking water in the desert According to its inventor, the prototype of this machine is capable of producing 3000 liters of drinking water a day, even in the driest desert on our planet. Just imagine what our ancestors would have said when seeing a device that creates water out of “nothing.”

I believe Mr. Veiga would have been considered as some sort of god? Perhaps the bringer of “fresh water”? It amazing how technology changes society and our lives in general. Generador-de-agua-potable-con-su-inventor Its inventor, 75-year old Enrique Veiga, a refrigeration engineer from Seville, Spain managed to develop a mechanism able to extract moisture from the air and transform it into water. The revolutionary machine uses the same amount of electricity as a domestic washing machine to autonomously create drinking water, rainwater similar characteristics.

To obtain the current design of the machine and its maximum output, Veiga had a lot of work to do. ” I started working on this device nearly twenty years ago, the first registered patent is from 1995, when a drought was crossing Spain and made me work on this.

With this incredible invention, people would be able to overcome the lack of water in extreme situations such as those in refugee camps and natural disasters, having drinkable water free of contaminants. It can also be used to generate water supply for small domestic consumption.

It is another revolutionary idea that can definitely push mankind towards a better quality of life. ”


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