Health Risk WARNING: Do You Have Wi-Fi Sickness Symptoms

Physicist Warns of Health Impact Caused by Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation Produced by Wireless Devices.
Dr. Ronald M Powell, PhD in applied physics from Harvard University has published a paper warning of the health risks associated with wireless devices.
“Simply stated, a worldwide health crisis is emerging and is becoming a hallmark of the 21st Century,” claims Dr. Powell in a recent document warning schools of the danger of WiFi. However his demand for caution is falling on deaf ears and he is not the only one, “the international biomedical research community is trying to warn us; but we, in the USA, are not yet listening.”
The Harvard graduate believes individuals struggle with cognitive dissonance over the issue stating that “genuine usefulness of wireless devices promotes denial of the risks.”
Powell’s voice is not alone, other expert’s in the industry have similar concerns. He proposes that “thousands of peer-reviewed studies published in biomedical research journals have contributed to our understanding of this impact. So many serious biological effects have been found that immediate responsive action is warranted. Further, these biological effects are occurring at levels of radiation far lower than earlier understood.”
There are many detailed health issues that may be cause from wireless devices, all living things are bioelectrical in nature. Powell explains this is why “electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms work. They, of course, measure the tiny electrical signals that operate the heart and the brain. The critical tasks performed by these tiny electrical signals, and so many other electrical signals in all living things, can be disrupted by radiofrequency/microwave radiation.”
Side effects and dangers of Wi-Fi sickness include:
  • sleep disruption
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • ringing in the ears
  • memory loss
  • dizziness
  • heart arrhythmia
  • DNA damage
  • cancer
  • infertility

Dr. Powel continued to state individuals can not control exposure to these devices and that “even aware individuals cannot control their exposure in any environment shared with others, because the radiation around them, much like second-hand smoke, is forced on them by unaware individuals. Self education and prevention of repercussions for the time being are the best way to prepare, “for now the public will have to protect itself, and that will require public education and action,” documented Powell, Phd ( via ).

In 2013 Dr. Powell filed a complaint with the FCC calling for a “reassessment of federal communications,” in regards to “commission radiofrequency exposure limits and policies.”

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