Once upon a time, fluoride was considered something of a wonder chemical for public health planners.

It was believed to promote good oral hygiene, and therefore municipal bodies across the country introduced it to public drinking water supplies to give citizens an additional layer of protection from tooth decay.

EPA APPROACHED ABOUT REMOVING FLUORIDE FROM PUBLIC DRINKING WATER Many years later, it looks as though the science which predicted this widespread was flawed and, far from being harmless, fluoride can be highly dangerous. Over the years its ingestion has been linked to various cancers, brain diseases, heart diseases, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and even autism. Ironically enough, it has even been linked to gum disease. Recently, a study in the Lancet explained why fluoride should be classified as a dangerous neurotoxin in the same category as arsenic.

With all this in mind, a group of environmental and medical experts who refer to themselves as the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has gathered together to demand change and the removal and fluoride from public drinking water supplies claiming that it provides very little health benefits and may be making people ill.

The group has presented a petition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) containing 2500 pages of scientific documentation which FAN hope will convince the board that fluoride is posing a serious danger to public health. The document reads; “the amount of fluoride now regularly consumed by millions of Americans in fluoridated areas exceeds the doses repeatedly linked to IQ loss and other neurotoxic effects; with certain subpopulations standing at elevated risk of harm, including infants, young children, elderly populations and those with dietary deficiencies, renal impairment and/or genetic predispositions.”

The EPA have the power to forbid the use of chemicals that might pose a risk to public health and vulnerable demographics using the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). FAN have urged the EPA to exercise this power against water fluoridation, pointing to the evidence of the harm it has caused over the generations.

The EPA have now turned over the evidence to the National Research Council for consultation purposes. It is believed that the National Research Council are sympathetic to the idea of removing fluoride from municipal water supplies. In 2006, they released a report stating that fluoride can interfere with brain function.

If all goes to plan, this could mean that fluoride in water supplies could quickly become a thing of the past. This article (EPA Under Pressure To To Ban Fluoride From Drinking Water) is free and open source.

Original source: Disclose.tv : http://www.disclose.tv/news/epa_under_pressure_to_to_ban_fluoride_from_drinking_water/137535