HEBBIAN POWER: Scientists Find Real Life ‘SUPER POWER’ Hidden Inside Our Brains!

Evolution has been going impressively well for humans as we grew into intelligent creatures of curisosity and reason.
It’s a complex process that spans generations of information inside the DNA. Humans have evolved both physicaly and mentally and we keep moving forward into new stages, being able to process information with a rapid learning rate. Scientists believe we can shoot up evolution and became what we consider today a super-human.
According to researchers, we may be using the so-called ‘Hebbian Networks’ that are hidding inside our grey matter. These networks are said to enable us with super powerful shortcuts which will allow the brain to tap into the ability of super fast learning. As we step into the future of mankind, we may be unlocking the true potential of our minds allowing us to step into an existence of universal understanding and eventually become ‘Gods’.
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EmDrive: NASA’s FASTER THAN LIGHT propulsion technology finally passed peer review

Roger Shawyer, the UK scientist, is the pioneer of the new generation of power generation in space that would solve to some extent the limitations of space travel during the present times. He proposed this theory in 1999 and since then he had undergone through rough times and even branded as a fraud, even though, this research was entirely funded by Boing and the United Kingdom’s government.
This technology would be much better than what is used by NASA to power their rockets at present. Though the idea of this pioneering drive was met with some speculation and some, see this concept as an impossible task, if proven otherwise. The research paper on this second generation drive should be published soon as it has been accepted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). It shall be published in their Journal of Propulsion and Power which is a society dedicated to space inventions.
Faster travel than the speed of light possible soon?
This controversial concept was fraught with controversies as it was considered as a Utopian dream, but an independent source has confirmed that the paper has been passed. The Eagleworks Laboratories at NASA is where this research was conducted; this is one of the favourite labs of NASA. This experiment on space thrust had gone through a rough journey, and there had been a lot of skeptics. EmDrive essentially means that electricity is converted microwaves and fired into a cone-shaped vacuum, as a result, the microwave molecules causes to create a force which results in a thrust.
He placed his theory as a theory of special relativity, but this theory is hotly debated by some scientists who do not believe that this theory is ever going to work. But Roger Shawyer is optimistic that his EmDrive will solve the problem of energy and also will speed up the travel in space considerably. Presently EmDrive is being tested for unmanned vehicles and flying cars.
Shawyer pushing ahead with EmDrive 2.0
Shawyer is now actively working on the next-generation EmDrive with an UK aerospace business and the new EmDrive is meant to be able to achieve tonnes of thrust (1T = 1,000kg), rather than just a few grams.
“We’re trying to achieve thrust levels that go up by many orders of magnitude, where the q values of the cavities are between 1 x 109 and 5 x 104. Once you reach the levels of thrust we anticipate we will reach, you can apply it anywhere,” he told IBTimes UK. “Essentially, anything that currently flies or drives or floats can use EmDrive technology.”
Original Source:  http://www.disclose.tv/news/emdrive_nasas_faster_than_light_propulsion_technology_finally_passed_peer_review/134779