China’s Secret UFO Archive: SENSATIONAL Footage Smuggled Out & Released!

Secret UFO Archive Footage Released In China

A secret and sensational UFO video has been smuggled out of China and released, and it has been going around the internet, causing jaws to drop. The footage has just been released and has got UFO believers very excited because it shows what seems to be a crystal clear sighting of a UFO in the sky and orbiting about one thousand feet above the surface of the Earth.

Ground Vantage Point Of Orbiting UFO Is Very Interesting

The clips are very interesting, and this is because the vantage point from which they have been taken is very close to the orbiting UFO craft. The footage along with photos take from the ground reveal a flying disk in detail, and this is the type of thing that NASA will have had to sit up and take notice. Many people were said to have been terrified by the object in the sky, which experts have said was not a meteorite, while others were said to have been puzzled or curious by it.

The UFO was said to have left a trail behind it that was unusual, and this left many people speculating that it was an extraterrestrial UFO. One eye-witness Hu Yin said that the UFO was very visible in the sky and that many people had just come to a stop from the usual things they were doing as they just had to watch it.

The UFO was seen in the sky above north China province and it did not take long before residents had uploaded footage, including videos and photos, to social media and the heated debate about what the craft was started.

China Is Popular For UFO Sightings

This is not the first time that China has been visited by a UFO as in January 2017 people reported seeing a floating city in the sky and began to say that aliens were very interested in observing humans. The floating city apparition was seen by many thousands of people in Yueyang, and it was just the latest to be seen, with others from around the globe also being reported.

There were many theories about the floating cities, with some saying that perhaps it was a secret project from the government and it was a hologram. The floating city has been seen above China many times before, at least several times per year.

In October 2016 a large UFO was said to have been captured using the dashboard camera of a car and many people abandoned their vehicles to look up at the strange object that was floating in the sky.

In this instance, the whole of the road came to a standstill as people climbed out of their vehicles to capture the incident on their mobile phones. While many people managed to capture footage, none of it is as clear as the most recent footage captured of the UFO above the north of China.


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Beware, Sprinkle Smart Dust! ‘You Might Already be Microchipped’

What is sprinkle smart dust and why does it make people so worried about civil rights? Back in the 1990s, a researcher called Kris Pister imagined a future wherein people would have access to a technology known as sprinkle smart dust.
Sprinkle smart dust: Tiny sensors Sprinkle smart dust were intended to be tiny sensors, approximately the same size of grains of rice, which would be able to be sprinkled around the world and collect data about cities, the natural environment and even the personal information of individuals from all over the world. While this was nothing more than a fantasy at the time, it is now becoming closer to reality, and the implications are potentially terrifying. The leading researcher when it comes to this hugely invasive technology at this current time is China. This has raised concerns within the United States who import a huge amount of goods from the Asian country. It is very possible that the Chinese could place sprinkle smart dust into the huge amount of food products that they import or their electronics or the various forms of cheap merchandise that they ship into the country.
As the world’s leading suppliers of vaccinations, they could even have the capacity to place these sensors inside the bodies of the citizens of other countries. Given that the Chinese have been known to place faulty chips in computers and defense systems used by the US government, it is not implausible to believe that the Communist government could be beyond this form of sabotage. It has even been suggested that this kind of technology might be being used with the full endorsement of the United States government who have a track record of covertly collecting data about their citizens even when their methods are completely contrary to established law in their own country. Conceiled collection of data about individuals Given that sprinkle smart dust involves the use of microchips, there are also fears that the technology could be utilized for even more than covertly collecting data about individuals without their knowledge or consent. In recent years, microchip technology has become more and more advanced, and some researchers have been able to control the behavior of animals using microchips within a laboratory context. Could it be possible that this kind of technology could one day be used for humans? And what kind of damage could a corrupt institution cause if they had access to this powerful equipment?