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HEBBIAN POWER: Scientists Find Real Life ‘SUPER POWER’ Hidden Inside Our Brains!

Evolution has been going impressively well for humans as we grew into intelligent creatures of curisosity and reason. It’s a complex process that spans generations of information inside the DNA. Humans have evolved both physicaly and mentally and we keep moving forward into new stages, being able to process information with a rapid learning rate. […]


Once upon a time, fluoride was considered something of a wonder chemical for public health planners. It was believed to promote good oral hygiene, and therefore municipal bodies across the country introduced it to public drinking water supplies to give citizens an additional layer of protection from tooth decay. EPA APPROACHED ABOUT REMOVING FLUORIDE FROM […]

Two Star Trek ‘Tricorders’ Have Made It to the Final Round of XPRIZE

By Glenn McDonald, Seeker In the original Star Trek series, Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy was forever running around the USS Enterprise with his tricorder, a fantastic space-age device that could scan anything and diagnose medical conditions in an instant. For nearly five years now, dozens of engineering teams from around the planet have been competing […]