Pyramids Form Intergalactic Communication Network Based on ‘Cosmic Internet’ Described by Nikola Tesla

Scientists Sent This Message Into Space In 1974, And In 2001 We Received This MIND-BOGGLING Response!

In 1974 Scientists sent a message containing the location of Earth in the solar system, our DNA structure and other relevant details into space and in 2001, we received an enigmatic response.
In an effort to discover intelligent extraterrestrial life, Carl Sagan sent a broadcast known as the ‘Arecibo’ message into space via radio waves. The message aimed at ET was the most powerful radio broadcast ever beamed into space by mankind. In comparison, the signal sent out into space was a million times stronger that a typical television transmission.
Directed to a star cluster located over 25,000 light years away, the pictorial message was sent in hopes that one day, we would receive a similar response.
The radio signal included our planet’s location within our star system, core principles of math and science and the antenna that was used to transmit the signal, all characteristics that an intelligent alien civilization should understand. The message prepared by Carl Sagan and his colleagues also included information about our species; our physical appearance was included in the radio message as well as our DNA code. A few years after the signal had been sent out, people forgot about it. Then, 27 years later in 2001, a crop circle appeared shaking the scientific community. A pattern appeared on a crop field, next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, the Chilbolton –where the world’s largest fully steerable meteorological radar is located– which looked like a response to the 1974 broadcast.
It was considered by many as one of the most impressive and important crop circles ever to appear on our planet, since this corp circle, unlike others, carried a message from space.
While many dismissed the crop circle near the Chilbolton as another hoax, the analysis showed it carries a message or better said, a response from space.
The Chilbolton crop-circle was the ultimate response
Describing a different solar system in the universe, the image of the sender, non-human DNA, and some microwave antenna, the Chilbolton crop-circle was the ultimate response we’d ever hoped for.
Incredibly, just a year before the Extraterrestrial message was found, a crop circle which was in 2000 of an unknown shape appeared next to the Chilbolton. A year later the puzzle was put together, and we could see that the crop circle that appeared in 2000 was, in fact, a depiction of the microwave telescope used to transmit the signal to us.
In 2001, three days after the mystery response appeared next to the Chilbolton; another crop circle was found depicting what seemed to be a face.
According to, the decimal equivalents of the binary code – were unchanged from the Arecibo original. But the atomic numbers of the elements composing the basis of Life had been altered: silicon, an element with an atomic number of 14, was added precisely in the correct sequence – between oxygen (atomic number 8) and phosphorus (atomic number 15).
Because… in 1969, the late Ben Volcani – a renowned microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography – discovered the crucial role of silicon in Carbon based Life. His work and that of his colleagues (like Charles Mehard, also at Scripps, and Edith Carlisle in the early 1970’s at UCLA) showed that the presence of silicon is critical in a variety of terrestrial life forms, as well as human cell structure: for instance, in the binding of the cartilage and mineral aspects of bones.
Sagan himself described the Arecibo Message, about four years after it was transmitted:
“The decoded message forms a kind of pictogram that says something like this: ‘Here is how we count from one to ten. Here are five atoms that we think are interesting or important: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. Here are some ways to put these atoms together that we think interesting or important – the molecules thymine, adenine, guanine and cytosine and a chain composed of alternating sugars and phosphates. These molecular building blocks are put together to form a long molecule of DNA comprising about four billion links in the chain. The molecule is a double helix. In some way, this molecule is important for the clumsy looking creature at the center of the message. That creature is 14 radio wavelengths or 5 feet 9.5 inches tall. There are about four billion of these creatures on the third plant from our star. There are nine planets altogether, four big ones toward the outside and one little one at the extremity. This message is brought to you courtesy of a radio telescope 2,430 wavelengths or 1,004 feet in diameter. Yours truly.’”
Whether or not the crop circle that appeared next to the Chilbolton was, in fact, an alien response is still up for debate. However, many people are firmly convinced that not only is the Chilbolton crop circle of 2001 a real message from another intelligent alien civilization in the universe, but we receive similar message nearly every day ( via ).

Ancient Gnostic texts: Earth is ruled by an interplanetary race known as Archons

Mentioned in the ancient Gnostic texts of the Nag Hammadi people which predate Christianity, the mysterious invading alien beings known as Archons have since been quietly hidden from “history”. But, like all thought provoking knowledge, it has stood the test of time and made its way through the cracks and presents scholars, historians and all researchers alike, with one of the most probable and credible theories in relation to life and what is going on in our world and “reality” today.

In 1947, ancient texts were found in Nag Hammadi in Egypt. On these ancient texts, dating back more than 2,000 years ago, was the story of life as preached and believed by the Nag Hammadi people. The reason why these incredible texts are so important is that absolutely no one has manipulated them that we know about. They have not been altered or destroyed or edited like the Bible. The texts were buried in a deep cave in Egypt, demonstrating that they were valued. Could this be the ultimate truth? Could this help us, a species lost without knowledge of its true origins, finally figure out what’s going on?

Over 2,000 years ago, there was a religion on this planet called Gnosticism, which was the biggest religion on earth at the time. Interestingly, this religion has all but disappeared and is hardly even mentioned, if at all, in University courses on the study of religion. The Nag Hammadi texts provide us with a thorough description of what the Gnostics believed though, which was that freedom could only be achieved through pure knowledge. The legendary library at Alexandria was actually run by Gnostics. Their culture spread throughout most of Europe and the Middle East. This becomes even more interesting and significant because this religion predates the major Westerns religions outside of Judaism, which itself was almost only found in Israel.

The Gnostics preached that there was a major planetary invasion in roughly 3,600 BC. Planet Earth was invaded by mysterious and ruthless beings known as Archons. These creatures had the ability to create and illusory “reality”, to manipulate us and enslave us. Why did they do this? It is said they were jealous of us because we have a soul, that they simply do not possess. We have imagination which makes us creative and they do not. According to the texts, some of them looks like a reptilian like creature and the other looks like a fetus. This fetus is alive but not. It has grey skin and dark immobile eyes.

The reason why these beings create illusions for us and try to control us through the control of “reality” is because they actually feed off of our negative energy and exploitation. So not only do they want to use our imagination and creativity against us, to create a “reality” for themselves at our expense, but we actually nourish them whenever we engage in violence, hatred, envy, aggression and perversion, among other things, which are said to stimulate and excite them. Basically, they hate peace, they hate happiness and they want to keep us vibrating at a very low frequency because it powers them.

Because we have been flooded by other religious traditions, this may sound absurd to those who are unfamiliar with it. But, do the stories we have been told really make sense? We are pretty much told to believe in a God who is vengeful and if we do not obey him, we will be banished to eternal punishment and torment. We are also told that our rewards are waiting after this life and, despite injustice thriving on this planet, the “evil” will be punished later on too? This sounds to me like ancient propaganda to allow those in power to continue without protest or resistance. On the other hand, the Gnostic teachings resonate with exactly what is going on in our world today ( via ).

You can watch, and learn more, about these ancient beings in the video below and what exactly could possibly be going on in our world today;

And in this video, a researcher explains how we can reclaim our power from these sinister beings;




Fleet of UFO’s captured on video over the Philippines

It seems that in the recent years, Ufo sighings have increased dramatically. From cigar shaped objects to strange spheres, there are numerous sightings of unexplained objects that roam the skies. The question remains; What are they and what is their purpose? A lot of people have a lot of theories. According to most ufologists, these unidentified flying objects are believed to be vehicles of extraterrestrial beings that are visiting, and have visited our planet in the distant past. Strangely, depending on the circumstances, they appear in places on our planet where some kind of catastrophe is about to happen. People who see these mysterious objects claim to have strong feelings of peace within.

Paolo Gallardo, who also published a YouTube video of the sighting, said the mysterious spheres were in the sky for more than 5 minutes. Gallardo, who said his cousin was the first to sight the strange lights in the sky, said there was no mountains, no hills, nor tall buildings in the area where the video was recorded, so that the lights had come from a object in the sky.

VIEWER PLEASE NOTE: Video is in Phillipinos

Not everyone agrees with the theory that these orbs or lights are of extraterrestrial origin.According to members of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration the lights did not come from extraterrestrial vehicles in the sky above the Philippines, but rather from military drones. Camilo Dacanay of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines (PAS), told the “Manila Bulletin” that the “dancing lights” were probably drones that were being tested by the military. Police Chief Superintendent Ronald Santos agreed with the theory offered by the staff of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines.

“These could be military surveillance drones or tests … by the way I see it, there is nothing impressive in the sighting. I do not consider this to be a real UFO, “said Santos.

Strangely, both the official statements of the Astronomical Society of the Philippines as that of Chief Ronald Santos were discredited since according to statements from the Clark International Airport and the two bases of the Philippine Air Force found near the area, there was no military activity in the area that could be responsible for the mysterious lights.

We have to remember that in the year 2000, another incredible sighting caused a lot of chatter connected to extraterrestrial vehicles in the skies as hundreds of people witnessed strange lights floating for over 5 hours in the sky above the cities of Angeles and Mabalacat. This sighting was investigated by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, 1 years later, the sighting remains unexplained.