The Only Vehicle You Need During the Apocalypse – The Global XRS 6×6 Expedition

18-ton trucks are not famous for their maneuverability. That’s why Action Mobil equipped the XRS 7200 with a rear hydraulically-controlled motorcycle lift.

This large expedition vehicle combines six driven wheels of off-road fury with a luxuriously appointed living pod that has the look of a chic city apartment. It brings comfort and style to the farthest stretches of desert, highest reaches of mountains and deepest sections of jungle. And it costs several times the average stationary home.

Action Mobil designs some of the world’s most extreme all-terrain expedition vehicles out of its headquarters in the Austrian Alps. The company got started more than 35 years ago when founders Stefanie and Otfried Reitz, then advertising executives, were looking for a vehicle to travel in through Africa for a fashion photo shoot. They needed something rugged enough to navigate to photogenic backdrops of the veld but comfortable enough to keep fashion models prettied, smiling and camera-ready. Finding nothing suitable on the market, they developed their own, realizing along the way that there was a real market for such a design.

Fast forward to 2014 and the Global XRS 7200, a highlight of the recent Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. The large expedition vehicle has a grumbling 720-hp engine cranking its six wheels – that’s more than double the horsepower of the aforementioned XV-LTS or Zetros. A central tire inflation system ensures that the tires are at the right pressure to effectively put all that power to use over the variable terrain below. Action Mobil’s “Arctic Kit” keeps the truck running smoothly in cold weather.

The 18-ton 7200 is built atop a MAN chassis and measures 31.8 x 8.1 x 12.4 ft (L x W x H, 9.7 x 2.47 x 3.79 m), with its camper body occupying 23.6 feet (7.2 m) of that overall length. The all-terrain rover has dual 400-L (105.7-gal) diesel tanks toward the center of its wheelbase and 140-L (37-gal) black water and 250-L (66-gal) gray water tanks just forward of the fuel supply. Fresh water comes from the onboard 720-liter (190-gal) supply.

Since an 18-ton truck-camper really limits one’s maneuvering capabilities, Action Mobil offers a rear motorcycle lift. The hydraulically controlled rack lowers down to drop a much more nimble, two-wheeled form of transportation into the driver’s hands.

As impressive as the ultra-rugged exterior is, the spacious, climate-controlled interior is arguably even more impressive due to a cozy, elegant look with rich, grained paneling; stone flooring, counters and tabletops; LED lighting and metal trim. The central kitchen area cooks up meals on its Gaggenau induction cooktop and steam oven. Food can be found in the single or dual 175-L (46.2-gal) refrigerators and single 150-L (39.6.-gal) freezer, all custom-insulated by Action Mobil. A Miele washer-dryer unit keeps the family’s clothes fresh on extended journeys.

Like virtually every other camper and RV out there, the Global XRS 7200 has a convertible dinette set that doubles as a bed. The design includes expanded sitting, eating and sleeping space via a second, smaller convertible dinette just forward of the rear, two-berth master suite.

Just behind the Alcantara-trimmed driver’s cab, which accesses the camper by way of pass-through door, the bathroom houses a soft-closing bidet toilet, sink and shower. The remainder of the interior fills out with a generous amount of closet, cabinet and drawer space.

When you’re spending days, weeks or months traveling on and off the grid, keeping entertained can be a real concern. The Global XRS 7200 covers its occupants with a 40-in HD TV, Apple TV media streamer, Bose audio system and multi-TB hard drive for storing multimedia content. It is also equipped with a satellite internet connection and wireless local area network.

A 720Ah lithium-ion battery bank with 5,000-watt inverter keeps all electrical equipment up and running. The batteries are charged off the engine during driving, and a 1,440-watt roof-mounted solar array takes over when the 7200 is camped out.

Action Mobil does not list pricing information for its custom made expedition vehicles on its website, nor on the XRS 7200 information packet it sent us. The price was quoted at €850,000 (US$1.1 million) on a Caravan Salon video presentation, and we’re sure it could quickly rise up over €1 million depending upon the equipment and options selected by the particular buyer.

The 7200 may look like an absolute monster to those not used to seeing expedition vehicles, but at Action Mobil it’s just another model in a deep line of big, burly all-terrain motor homes – and not the largest model, either. The company describes its eight-wheeled Desert Challenger as the largest motor home in the world. In addition to around a dozen two-, three- and four-axle expedition models, it offers custom designs for specialized applications.

If viewing our Global XRS 7200 photo gallery makes you wonder what Action Mobil vehicles look like in the wild, be sure to visit the “world gallery” on its website. It has some great shots of expeditions around the globe, all neatly organized on a world map.

Source: Action Mobil





Come inside the VIP-only billionaires’ bunker

Article by: Emily Power

Surviving doesn’t mean scrimping on luxury. The pool inside Vivos Europa One. Photo: Supplied

When the zombie apocalypse unfolds or a comet slams into earth, the super rich will be ready to go out in style.

A European company is planning an enormous bunker for a chosen few but hasn’t sacrificed luxury for survival.

In a move sure to cause an uprising – like the plot of blockbuster disaster movie – only selected guests will be welcomed into the massive underground shelter, which is decked out with lavish interiors on par with the fanciest mansions.

One of the communal areas for the VIPs living in the five-star doomsday shelter, Vivos Europa One. Photo: Supplied

Entry, upon the end of days, is by invite only and you’ll need to be a billionaire to buy a spot.

The proposed five-star doomsday resort in Germany is called Vivos Europa One and, according to Forbes, is fortified to withstand a nuclear holocaust, a plane crash, bio warfare, earthquakes, tsunamis or military onslaught.

Each family who pays for entry – plus on-going costs – will have its own lockable quarters, and guests will be assigned an architect and builder to ensure their secure new digs, while the rest of the world goes to hell outside, is just to their liking.


A bedroom in the proposed Vivos Europa One – the mega bunker for billionaires. Photo: Supplied

Bedrooms within the spacious, self-contained apartments look out to aquariums, because if you are among the chosen few to repopulate the human race, you’d want somewhere nice to go about business.

Survivors will occupy 21,000-plus square metres of safe living areas, with added enormous spaces for commercial use, plus a hospital, restaurants, swimming pool, bakery, pub, beer brewery, theatre, chapels, classrooms, television and radio station, decontamination chambers, ark-style housing for animals, hair salon and a donated DNA vault, presumably for preserving the species in the event of a cataclysm.

Those with the best bouncy blow-dries will perhaps be first to have their superior genomes frozen.



A suite inside Vivos Europa One, where super rich families can shelter from the end of the world, in style. Photo: Supplied

The $291 million bunker would be carved into the limestone walls of a mountain, with above-ground facilities including a train depot and barracks for a army.

The creator, Robert Vicino – a man whose company specialises in making deluxe shelters – intends to modify a former Cold War Soviet bunker, which is owned by an investor.