HEBBIAN POWER: Scientists Find Real Life ‘SUPER POWER’ Hidden Inside Our Brains!

Evolution has been going impressively well for humans as we grew into intelligent creatures of curisosity and reason.
It’s a complex process that spans generations of information inside the DNA. Humans have evolved both physicaly and mentally and we keep moving forward into new stages, being able to process information with a rapid learning rate. Scientists believe we can shoot up evolution and became what we consider today a super-human.
According to researchers, we may be using the so-called ‘Hebbian Networks’ that are hidding inside our grey matter. These networks are said to enable us with super powerful shortcuts which will allow the brain to tap into the ability of super fast learning. As we step into the future of mankind, we may be unlocking the true potential of our minds allowing us to step into an existence of universal understanding and eventually become ‘Gods’.
Watch the following video to know more!
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